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News Archive > General > Thieves steal grave ornaments and flowers

Thieves steal grave ornaments and flowers

By Natasha Swift 4th January 2017

Thieves steal grave ornaments and flowers
DESECRATED GRAVES: Maria and Fred Wellington at Eastbourne Road Cemetery

A DEVASTATED family had their Christmas ruined after heartless criminals robbed their loved ones’ graves in a St Austell cemetery.

Just two days before Christmas Maria and Fred Wellington, of Sawles Road, were left in shock after finding three of their relatives’ graves in Eastbourne Road Cemetery had been the target of thieves.

Three holly wreaths left on the grave of their son and both of Mr Wellington’s parents had been stolen along with a vase, an angel and Christmas tree from their son, Adam’s, place of rest.

The couple later found the Christmas tree from Adam’s grave dumped in a hedge, but the angel and vase bearing the words “In memory of a loving son” are still missing.

Mrs Wellington told the Voice the “pointless” incident had ruined her family's Christmas as no-one had loved Christmas as much as her son.

Mr and Mrs Wellington had gone to visit the cemetery on December 22 to mark the anniversary of Mr Wellington’s dad’s death.

They believe the items were taken from the graves overnight between December 21 and December 22.

Mrs Wellington said: “We had put three wreaths on the graves and the first thing we noticed was that they had gone.

“I don’t know why anyone would do this. It is just weird. It was a shock.

“We just went up to check to see if the graves were OK and my husband said to me: ‘Adam’s Christmas tree is missing.’

“I then spotted that his angel and vase with flowers was also gone. It was just awful to see it. No-one loved Christmas more than my son.”

Mrs Wellington said they immediately reported the vandalism to police and were told this had happened in other areas.

“If the people who did this could just know how they helped to spoil our Christmas it may make them rethink what they have done,” she said.

“We had a lovely Christmas with our family around but it did ruin it as we could not stop thinking about our son’s grave and my husband’s parents and just why anyone would do this.

“It is always in the back of my mind. In my eyes they have trashed our son’s grave and I don’t know why they would do something like that.”

Anyone with information about this crime should call police on 101.

By Natasha Swift 4th January 2017

Allison 11th May 2017 22:12
So sad why are people so cruel this is my sister who is in this pic who Iīve never met those who do this are so vile
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