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News Archive > General > Smoke signals end near in incinerator saga

Smoke signals end near in incinerator saga

By Natasha Swift 11th January 2017

Smoke signals end near in incinerator saga
SMOKING: St Dennis incinerator

IT IS a battle that has raged on for more than a decade but smoke billowing from the 120m high stacks at the site of the St Dennis incinerator has signalled the end of the war to stop the 240,000 tonne burner.

On Friday morning plumes of smoke were spotted coming out of the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC), which is in its final testing stages.

The £141m facility has started to process waste and will cater for the county’s waste as a much needed alternative to land fill.

And as the chimneys emitted the first vapours of smoke it signalled the end of a struggle which has seen residents and councillors fight tooth and nail against one of the most contentious developments in Cornish planning history.

The project, which has been the subject of public meetings, inquiries and appeals that have been dragged through the courts, has been plagued by controversy since 2005 when Cornwall County Council announced plans for an Integrated Waste Management contract for all waste disposal in Cornwall and invited firms to bid for the contract.

SITA said the facility would be operational by May last year, but this was delayed by a number of factors including the weather.

The incinerator which is believed to be operating at between 90 and 95 per cent capacity is now nearing completion.

A spokesman from Cornwall Council said: “The Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC) is in the latter stages of its testing period. What may look like smoke is flue gas coming from the top of the CERC’s stack.

“This is a normal activity now the facility has started to process waste and the activity will continue once the CERC is fully operational.

“The stack’s plume is sometimes visible during certain atmospheric conditions e.g. colder weather.”

Cornwall councillor for the St Dennis ward, Fred Greenslade, said: “It’s nearing completion and testing apart from one or two stoppages seems to be nearly complete.

“There seems to be more visible emissions now than there was in the first stages of testing which might be due to the increase in volume of waste going through.

“We have just got to wait and see how it pans out over the next few months. It’s up to 90 to 95 per cent a the moment and I have asked the question about when it will be fully operational.

“I have got some concerns about sign posting for the lorries which are still going on the wrong route but that cannot just be pinned on the incinerator.

“I felt really that it was even more difficult as time went by to stop the incinerator and now it’s there and it seems to be working and pretty much at capacity I cannot see it being stopped now.  

“There are others who will think differently and it’s going to be a hard struggle to achieve a stoppage now unless something drastic goes wrong with the emissions reports from the Environment Agency.

“I cannot see it being stopped unless there are high emission figures which will have to be addressed.”

Mr Greenslade said some residents had complained about the light coming from the facility.
He said the issue was being resolved and the lights had already been readjusted once.

By Natasha Swift 11th January 2017

Mr Limbo 12th January 2017 12:58
The light pollution is nothing compared to the noise pollution , it releases steam jets , that are so sonically load it causes vibrations in our property , especially the roof of our partially covered outside room , we are is in St Dennis so not even as close as other unfortunate home owners , also the incinerator has wiped the value from our home enormously , to such an extend , we could not move elsewhere , we are virtually prisoners here now , a lifetimes hard work wiped out by the councils & government , if I had caused them to lose £60,000+ they would take recourse to retrieve that amount , but do we have the same recourse , of course we dont !
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