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News Archive > General > Crime Commissioner cash could boost town CCTV

Crime Commissioner cash could boost town CCTV

By Natasha Swift 22nd March 2017

Crime Commissioner cash could boost town CCTV
CCTV HELP: Alison Hernandez in a visit to the town last summer

ST AUSTELL could be set to benefit from a pot of funding from Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner to help towards the cost of CCTV in the town.

Alison Hernandez pledged an extra £200,000 funding to increase CCTV capacity across the force area and encourage the development of monitoring ‘hubs’ earlier this month.

Speaking at the time she explained: “High quality and interconnected CCTV plays a major role in helping to keep people safe.” said Ms Hernandez.

“It is an invaluable resource for the police to investigate crime and enable emergency services to find and help vulnerable people.

“I want to support local authorities to better monitor their existing systems. It’s very much about building them into a hub, where you’ve got excellent staff monitoring CCTV on behalf of local authorities.

“This helps reduce the cost to them, it helps provide reassurance to the public, and it also protects police officers on the street and ensures we have some good evidence when we need it.

“I want to create safe, resilient and connected communities. That involves CCTV as well as police officers on the street helping to keep us safe. Let’s try and work with other partners to protect our communities. That’s what it’s all about.”

The PCC invited councils to get in touch to ask for financial and technical support.

At a St Austell Town Council clerk, David Pooley, told members: “I will be expressing an interest in the funding they have made available.”

He said he would apply for the funding in the next few days.

By Natasha Swift 22nd March 2017

Oldandugly 16th April 2017 22:40
This is a quote from the College of policing?

Does CCTV work? Overall, use of CCTV makes for a small, but statistically significant, reduction in crime, but this generalisation needs to be tempered by careful attention to (a) the type of crime being addressed and (b) the setting of the CCTV intervention. CCTV is more effective when directed at reducing theft of and from vehicles, while it has no impact on levels of violent crime. I would personally rather have £200k on additional officers located in the town centre.
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