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News Archive > General > Revised plans for bus depot

Revised plans for bus depot

By Natasha Swift 19th April 2017

Revised plans for bus depot
NEW PLANS: For former bus depot on Elliot Road

THREE years after plans to redevelop a former bus depot in St Austell were first revealed, the ball has finally been set rolling for dozens of new homes.

The 1.2 acre site on Eliot Road was sold at auction by regional land and property auctioneers Clive Emson to Selleck Nicholls Homes in 2013.

Pre-application advice for the area, which was formerly used as a First Group bus depot, was sought by the owner of the site in April 2013 for 25 residential homes.  

In October of that year, the scheme was presented to members of St Austell Town Council Planning Committee, who were generally supportive of the proposals.

But concerns regarding drainage were raised by councillors who also asked for the inclusion of affordable properties for rent.

In 2014 plans for 26 homes, including nine affordable homes, were revealed, proposing to build six one-bedroom affordable apartments, three two-bedroom affordable houses, nine three-bed homes and eight four-bed homes.

Now Treverran Homes Ltd, who completed the Lynwood Gardens apartment project on Alexandra Road, has submitted a new contemporary apartment development to Cornwall Council.

Lipscomb Jones Architects and Engineers are proposing to transform the disused former bus depot site which has been vacant for years into a mixture of one, two and three-bed apartments across four separate buildings with a mix of affordable and open market homes.  

They explained it was “a real opportunity for people to acquire apartments, assist with the local need, situated conveniently and sustainably within a short walk from the town centre, the railway station, supermarket and leisure centre."

There will be 64 on-site parking spaces.

By Natasha Swift 19th April 2017

Mike Myers 21st April 2017 15:17
I strongly object to this plan on number of counts:-

1. Proposed buildings of 4 and 5 stories will completely dwarf No 1 Eliot Road and give them a very restricted claustrophobic outlook.

2. Buildings of 5 stories backing onto the rear of The Crescent will severely interfere with their skyline outlook.

3. Why build them so close to existing dwellings? Why not build on other side of the site "away" from existing dwellings?

4. With proposed 64 on site parking spaces, dangerous and severe traffic congestion will result on the entrance and exit to Eliot Road. It is bang opposite Ranaleigh Road. It is right next to a heavily built granite railway bridge giving restricted traffic line of sight down towards the double mini round-about and in other direction is right next to a 90 decree bend in Eliot Road giving restricted traffic line of site in that direction. Together with home owners parking outside their homes on this bend and it being a bus route, I fear this is going to be a real "accident waiting to happen".

5. Is there any pedestrian access point to the rear of the site? At the moment it is all private land and heavily fenced off.

6. Is there any proposed children´s play area on this site. The nearest one is in The Urban Village, which is privately owned, insured and completely paid for and maintained by their householders. They will certainly not welcome the new residences children playing in there without any contribution being paid towards its upkeep.
The next nearest is in Woodlands Road, a very basic children´s play area. Children would have to walk underneath railway bridge, cross a busy main road with its Double mini round-about and walk a couple hundred yards past Hawkins Garage to get there.
The next and best children´s play area is at Polkyth next to a the police station and opposite to the library. If there is no rear pedestrian access, I t would be a long circular walk with a busy road crossing to get there.
Not at all satisfactory.

Mike Myers
3 The Crescent
Urban Village
St Austell

Mike Myers 24th April 2017 16:43
Further to my earlier comments:-
It is sensible and perfectly acceptable to have suitable housing built on this brownfield site.
However, to double the number of dwellings in high rise style buildings compared to the original 2014 plan, I find unacceptable.

This new high density, high rise proposed development will of course produce high density levels of traffic together with a most probable high level of family´s with children.
On the one hand it is reported we are already experiencing high levels of traffic pollution in the vicinity and on the other, where are all the children and youths supposed to play?
Mr Gary King county councillor for this ward has already suggested they could come round to the Urban Village play area. He was told emphatically by the Village Management Directors, the Village who own, insure and maintain this play area would not accept this unless a suitable and reasonable contribution in some form is made towards its upkeep.

Mr King has not been seen or heard of since!

On another point, high density, high rise style living in a confined area will, I fear, inevitably bring with it antisocial behaviour.
As you are already aware, there have been a number of locally high profile cases of antisocial behaviour in the St Austell area and here, it looks like an antisocial hotspot with this proposed plan will be built.

Surface drainage I believe has already caused planners some concern.
As you might be aware, just about all surface drainage from the Polkyth car park area flows down at the back of Brunel Business Park and down past the proposed site development. This when it rains heavily I can assure you can be quite alarming, building up from a mear trickle to a gushing torrent. This I believe then all goes underground at corner of the proposed development, joining the flow coming down though The Village, goes underneath the railway bridge and eventually comes out somewhere behind Asda.
The extra surface water at times of heavy rain developed from this proposed site plan will only add extra burden to an old system built decades age.

Natasha, I hope you find my comments of some use in giving some background information to this proposed development plan.
As yet I cannot find a planning application for this site on the councils web site.

Kind regards
Mike Myers

NOMY DAVEY 3rd January 2018 18:27
I think the traffic conjestion at the bottom of Ranelagh road and the proposed new housing site is going to be very dangerous.Eliot road already
has a dangerous bend to negotiate.Especially when two cars try to pass each other and there are parked cars parked on the left.
The only answer is to have a one way system on that
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