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News Archive > General > Posters will shame dog owners

Posters will shame dog owners

By Natasha Swift 19th April 2017

Posters will shame dog owners
NEW POSTERS: Targetting lazy dog walkers

“WE KNOW who you are” is the message to lazy dog walkers who don’t pick up after their pets and are being targeted in a crackdown to clean up the streets of Clay Country.

Furious locals, fed up with dog mess ruining their villages in the St Stephen-in-Brannel parish, contacted the parish council, calling for action to target dog owners not cleaning up their pet’s mess.

The parish council is now preparing to stick up posters to shame the guilty parties in hotspots around the area.

Fore Street in St Stephen and Currian Vale in Nanpean have been identified by residents as having a big problem with dog mess littering the pavements.

Parish council deputy clerk, Linda Ranger, told the Voice: “We are promoting the problem of dog fouling throughout the village via social media and putting posters in hotspots.

“We are going to ask people where they have the problems and put posters up to shame people to pick up after their pooch

“The problem has been highlighted by residents to a number of councillors.

“It was agreed at a meeting last week that it’s a problem across the parish that needs addressing.”

Mrs Ranger warned those responsible for not cleaning up after their dogs that they would be caught.

She said: “We want to make people aware of the hotspots and let the people that aren’t picking up after their dogs know we are onto them and know where they are walking.”

The parish council want to hear from residents abut the areas which are currently suffering from this problem.

For more information visit St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council Facebook page.

By Natasha Swift 19th April 2017

Ted 3rd May 2017 20:57
It would seem one or two larger dog owners along Carpalla and Foxhole village including the green still neglect to pick up their dog´s mess. They leave poo all over the pavements where it is easily stood on if walking during hours of darkness or not looking where you walk. The village green is often targeted and dog mess is picked up almost daily by the volunteers of the green and disposed of. This is simply not fair to the volunteers who keep the area safe for all those who use the green. Shame on those individuals who simply donīt care.
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