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News Archive > General > Fish policies and chips...

Fish policies and chips...

By Natasha Swift 3rd May 2017

Fish policies and chips...
THERESA MAY: In Mevagissey yesterday

ALL EYES turned to Mevagissey yesterday when Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in the coastal village to speak to fishermen about giving them back their waters as part of the Brexit deal.

Arriving in Mevagissey where she was met by St Austell’s Conservative MP, Steve Double, the Prime Minister was greeted by cheers and shouts of “good work” from members of the public as she walked along the harbour front.  

Mrs May was taken to Mevagissey Social Club where she met with local fishermen who are supporting her bid to take Britain out of the 1964 London convention, which allows European fishing vessels to access waters six to 12 nautical miles from British shores.

In a one-to-one interview with the St Austell Voice following the meeting, Mrs May gave assurances to residents that she would do her best to get a good Brexit deal for the area and pressed the need for the UK to come out of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Fishermen have been trying to come out of the hated CFP, which is a set of rules for managing European fishing fleets and for conserving fish stocks, for a number of years. It gives all European fishing fleets equal access to EU waters and fishing grounds.

Brexit would mean the end of the CFP and give back the UK control over its 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Addressing concerns the area will miss out on millions of pounds worth of European funding following Brexit, Mrs May told the Voice: “The most important thing in terms of getting a good deal for Cornwall is to have the right leadship and right Government in place and that means strong and stable leadership.

“I believe it’s me and my team who can provide that strong and stable leadership and strong and stable Government because the alternative is a coalition of chaos including parties who want to disrupt our negotiations.

“If you look at the Liberal Democrats they would quite happily see us still in the European Union and still in the CFP.

“I have just been meeting some fishermen who have been telling me how important it is that we do come out of the CFP and that we ensure there is a stable fishing industry here.”

After speaking to the Voice, Mrs May popped into The Fishermen’s Chippy for a bite to eat before being whisked away to her next port of call.

By Natasha Swift 3rd May 2017

Kevin Neil 6th May 2017 11:15
Theresa May is good at passing herself off as ´ordinary´ by popping into the chippy, but is strangely absent when it comes to debate with anyone likely to ask awkward questions. Could this be that she knows that the facts donīt support her propaganda? If Theresa May genuinely believes that her offer is better than Labourīs then I call on her to publicly debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, as invited by the big broadcasters.Should she do so people will quickly realise that Jeremy Corbyn is a man of substance and principle.
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