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News Archive > General > Bridge jammed three times in just one week

Bridge jammed three times in just one week

By Natasha Swift 26th July 2017

Bridge jammed three times in just one week
WEDGED: The bus

DRIVERS “using sat navs instead of common sense” are wrecking havoc in Clay Country as councillors call for more to be done to protect residents from the mayhem caused by lorries being misdirected.

Lorry drivers following directions from their satellite navigation systems have been causing chaos in Treviscoe after getting stuck under the railway bridge.  

Last week the bridge was struck on three separate occasions with HGVs and a double decker bus being forced to manoeuvre back out of the village.  

Concerns about damage to the area and the potential dangers of vehicles that size having to reverse back have been raised by residents.

In November last year concerns raised about HGVs driving through the clay villages, as part of a consultation on the link road between St Austell and the A30, saw Cornwall Council agree to explore proposals to create a route directly from Parkandillick to the St Dennis incinerator.  

Feedback from a series of public events held by the local authority earlier last year on the proposals for an improved link road and the opportunities it could bring, saw residents highlight their worries about lorry traffic in St Dennis and other clay villages.

But Cornwall councillor for St Dennis, Fred Greenslade, said that had now been dropped from the scheme.

He told the Voice: “That would have solved a lot of the problem. There has been a hell of a lot of trouble with lorries and we are sick and fed up of it. I cannot seem to get anywhere at all. It is just like the bridge on the A30 used to be.”

He said he had spoke to Highways to see what action could be taken and also asked Imerys and Suez to use alternative routes.

Mr Greenslade said: “It is causing mayhem in Treviscoe and St Dennis. Lorries are hitting the bridge too often. Drivers should know the height of their vehicle and drive accordingly.”

John Sibley, St Stephen in Brannel parish councillor who lives in Treviscoe, told the Voice a double decker bus had been forced to reverse up the length of the village on Thursday night as it had taken the wrong route and could not fit under the bridge.

He said: “This has been going on for years but lately in the last few weeks it has got worse and worse. The bridge was hit three times last week.

“We had one lorry try to go under the bridge and when they couldn’t get under they turned around in the gate way of the playing field and buckle the gates. Another lorry went into the community centre and turned around and has ripped up all the tarmac.

“We are not happy at all. The problem is they are not using common sense but using the sat navs on their phones which are meant for cars not HGVs and don’t show the low bridges.

“This is a massive problem and is constant day in, day out. It is dangerous and we desperately need a haul road. It’s causing havoc.”

A Cornwall Council spokesman said: “A link road from Parkandillick to the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC) was not included as part of the A30 to St Austell funding proposal to the Department for Transport (DfT) as its addition could have undermined the bid.

“This was due to the high cost of the proposed link (£8-10m) as well as complexities to achieve it involving a rail and road bridge and unresolved issues relating to connecting private roads.

“Any future link road from Parkandillick to the CERC is dependent on finding alternative funding opportunities to pay for the scheme.”

By Natasha Swift 26th July 2017

Matthew Martyn 27th July 2017 16:04
I live just before the bridge in Treviscoe. It was myself that took these photos which I have many more in case you want them .This issue has been going on for years not weeks and we are getting fed up with it . Not only hitting the bridge it´s the fact that they travel through the village exceeding the speed limit.... which was proven by the local police but not followed up they drive on the pavement trying to squeeze past each other and usually not slowing down to do so . Approaching the bridge in the middle of the night before realising they won´t fit (sometimes to late) and then reversing all the way out of the village with there reversing alarm sounding . And as for Fred Greenslade concern he has been fighting for the lorries to be stopped going through St Dennis hence we are getting more lorries coming through Treviscoe. He has only jumped on the band wagon as I put these photos on Facebook with a description of what happened and apparently he wasn´t happy that I did not include him in them . I have also contacted Steve Double about this matter via Email to which I had a very poor fob off email in return ..... yours sincerely Matthew Martyn
David Weston 6th September 2017 12:55
Dear Reader....
I sympathise with your problems in your area ... we too are and have been for quite a while with drivers ignoring Brown Sign routing to Eden and following Sat Nav Guidance ... which is bring much more traffic through our village As you will see I have written to all and sundry with my gripes ... the only responses have been from the "Guardian" who did a piece on it last week ... the Video their cameraman placed on the link is very amusing ... If you´d like to read my witterings please do...We REALLY need to Get CC to get their hands out of their pockets and do something for all concerned to have a quiet and peaceful and above all safe life here in the Duchy

First of all thank you for taking a little time out to hopefully read my comments to you all and what I regard as quite an important safety point surrounding the area where myself and my wife live.
I have in recent days spoken to two of our Parish Councillors regarding the point I am going to make, they are Luxulyan Councillors Francis Payne & Councillor Cathy Grey who have told me this problem has been raised at meetings and passed to the Highways Department several months ago but nothing has been heard from them at this time.

My points may seem trivial, but in actual fact very real... Especially when you meet a 20 foot motor home as I have (or a 52 seater coach) coming toward you (On the pinch point of the road as marked on the enclose maps) and to which some of the drivers seem incapable of reversing. ......... So the route guiding by SAT NAV to the Eden Project (and I know this is right because I have tried it myself) In coming along the A390 from Innis Downs Junction (A30) Sat Nav directs you at Lockengate to turn left towards Ebenezer & Luxulyan, this if any of you have tried this route is fairly OK UNTIL just past the Danish Crown factory where the lane reduces to around 8 feet with little opportunity to pull over, once this has passed, the road goes on toward Cross & Luxulyan... Here coming down the hill toward the Kings Arms is difficult even though there is a passing place just outside my bungalow ... I have myself witnessed Tractors & Trailers coming up the hill being confronted by quite a few cars wishing to go down the hill and as I live by this part I can usually hear some of the fruitfully spoken exchanges between drivers !!!!
I would like to ask the Highways Department together with all written to parties concerned to please try to come to some arrangement and to erect a Brown advising sign (similar to the one at Scorrier) to warn drivers to ignore the SAT NAV route & follow the Brown signed route to the Eden (Via Bugle & Penwithick) This needs to be done on the Junction at Lockengate & Before (From Innis Downs)...

I wish to thank you for reading my little groan, whether in fact you will do anything remains to be seen...BUT I would ask it is given some serious consideration especially as Eden are hosting more and more concerts etc.

Your Faithfully

David Weston
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