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News Archive > General > Wainhomes wins appeal despite fierce opposition

Wainhomes wins appeal despite fierce opposition

By Natasha Swift 2nd August 2017

Wainhomes wins appeal despite fierce opposition
Councillor Jordan Rowse at the site

DESPITE facing strong opposition at all levels, plans for a major housing development in Par which were thrown out by Cornwall Council have been allowed on appeal.

Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee unanimously refused Wainhomes’ plans for outline planning permission for around 103 new homes, an extension to Kingdom Hall for additional parking, allotments, provision of school drop-off with turning facilities including additional parking for allotments, in addition to a footpath and cycle connection from Mountside Road to Lamellyn, and detailed application for 86 houses with associated access roads, foot ways, parking, landscaping, drainage and open spaces, last year.

The developer appealed to the Government.

At a four-day inquiry chaired by Paul Griffiths in March he heard residents were concerned about flooding, lack of infrastructure and traffic.

At the inquiry a statement was read out on behalf of all residents, explaining: “It has been no secret that Wainhomes were going to try their very best to gain planning permission for the site in question, and it also no secret that the residents of Par, St Blazey and the surrounding area are overwhelmingly against this application for planning permission.

“It is overwhelmingly clear that the main reason for objecting this application should be the threat, and risk, of flooding. The low-lying land on Par Lane and Brooks Corner is constantly at risk to flooding. Not so long ago, in 2010, Brooks Corner experienced it’s worst flooding in decades and we believe that should this application be given the green light it will only add to the risk of these people getting flooded again, and this simply is not fair.

“The fields that will be built on is agricultural land and is simply not suitable for an extra 100+ properties, the drainage in this area cannot cope with such a development.

“The drains throughout Par are not maintained and after heavy rainfall it is not rare to see the drains blocked with the roads holding this extra water. We cannot imagine what will happen with these additional properties.”

A letter was also read out on behalf of Steve Double, MP for St Austell and Newquay, which said: “I have been against this application from the very start and I wanted to say something today to add my weight behind the people in the area who oppose this development. But the planning inspector dismissed concerns to grant Wainhomes permission.

Mr Griffiths said the development would qualify as the rounding off of a settlement, would not caused undue impact on the character and appearance of the area, and would not cause harm to the setting or the significance of designated heritage assets.

His report published on Monday said the flood risk could be adequately managed by conditions and access and highway safety raised no significant concerns.

Cornwall councillor for Par and St Blazey Gate Jordan Rowse said he would be writing to Wainhomes to ask for a meeting to find out how they intended to fulfil the conditions put in place.

He said: “I am both saddened and disappointed at the decision by the Planning Inspectorate to grant planning permission for this application, which was strongly opposed locally at all levels.

“I note that there are 18 conditions attached to the approval notice and will now work as the Cornwall Councillor for Par and St Blazey Gate with the community, developer and Cornwall Council to ensure all these conditions are met, where appropriate, before development can start on this site.

“In particular it is essential that Wainhomes sticks to the terms they have been given for working on this site, and also that they submit a Construction Traffic Management Plan, that I will work with Cornwall Council to ensure is fit for purpose before it is signed off.

"I will now be writing to Wainhomes asking for a meeting with them to discover how they intend to fulfil these conditions.”

By Natasha Swift 2nd August 2017

Julie Wickett 3rd August 2017 07:20
We are being totally screwed over in Cornwall with houses being built that the Cornish will not be able to buy so allowing more outsiders selling their houses in a more affluent area to buy cheaper down here and take away our lovely country side by building all these horrible rabbit hutches :(
Dennis Keam 6th August 2017 19:22
The ´Appeals System´ is the most hideous,anti democratic system ever devised by respective governments to push through building projects to boost employment numbers taking no account of the impact on local services which cannot cope now. Wian Homes, as with all large buiding contractors are making vast sums of money and pay the top barristers to fight their case. This was apparent intheir recent victories including Probus.
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