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News Archive > General > Broken yellow lines cannot be enforced

Broken yellow lines cannot be enforced

By Natasha Swift 9th August 2017

Broken yellow lines cannot be enforced
FADED: An example of broken lines

YELLOW lines placed on roads in St Austell and Clay Country to prevent dangerous parking are useless if they are broken or worn away as the restriction cannot be enforced by Cornwall Council.

At a Cornwall Council Neighbourhood Overview Scrutiny Committee meeting last week, Cornwall councillor for St Dennis, Fred Greenslade raised questions about the enforceability of double yellow lines which are broken or faded after problems with parking in the village.

Civil parking enforcement manager, Zoe Hall, told him that when a restriction becomes either worn or damaged to the point that is no longer clearly denoted to the motorists as a restriction the could would stop the enforcement in that location.

She said: “Examples of this would be worn single and yellow line highway marking, significant gaps in highways markings, missing signs, illegible legends such as loading bays, disabled bays etc.

“Each time a defect occurs this is reported onto a central data base, this is held within the parking operations side of things.

“The defects are reviewed annually and the priority defects will be rectified by a package of works through CORMAC.

“Unfortunately the budget for rectifying defects throughout the County is very small, £60,000 annually, and therefore some non-priority areas remain unenforceable for long periods of time.

“I continue to work alongside parking operations when deciding which defects are to be rectified to ensure that the money is spent effectively and with as much input as possible from the teams.”

But Mr Greenslade said he had paid out £5,000 a go at getting the restrictions ordered to put them in place in his ward and make it enforceable which was now money wasted if the council could not support the lines.

He said: “I feel like we are suffering because of St Austell with the A30 link road. They get the road and another £4.5m and there is no money for us.

“On top of that it’s very difficult to get a traffic warden out so we are told we can pay for one for £35 an hour.

“It’s fine and dandy for St Austell to have the link road, but it doesn’t help the smaller villages one bit, who have issues with traffic and lorries.”

The issue was discussed by St Stephen-in-Brannel Parish Council at a meeting last

Clerk of the parish council, Linda Ranger, said: “The lines in Fore Street in St Stephen are worn away and you would have trouble enforcing them. It is an issue.”

By Natasha Swift 9th August 2017

Colin 26th August 2017 10:23
How can people from st Stevens complain when the same problem is in st austell as well yellow lines are dissapering every were not just in st Steven´s allso most residents of st austell dont want the new road as its bringing in mor traffic to the area causing even more problems in st austell than it can handle. I think when people complain about something they need to stop slaging of other areas to get there point across.
Oldandugly 20th September 2017 16:37
Hi my son & many others were given parking fines in August, & their were no road markings where he could see. I read an article written by the ex chief inspector of London police, saying that as a direct result of central gov cut backs county´s are not maintaining the yellow lines. To add insult to injury still enforcing the no parking zone.
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