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News Archive > General > Police seize sound equipment to prevent a 2nd all-night rave

Police seize sound equipment to prevent a 2nd all-night rave

By Natasha Swift 6th September 2017

Police seize sound equipment to prevent a 2nd all-night rave

POLICE were forced to wade in and seize sound equipment to stop a huge rave in woods near St Blazey at the weekend after hundreds of residents were kept awake by loud music.

Residents in Landreath, Manor View, Mountside, Old Roselyon, Tywardreath Highway, Par Green, Polgrean Place and Penarwyn Road were kept up by the noise coming from Prideaux Woods on Friday night.

The loud “thumping” music could be heard nearly four miles away in Carlyon Bay, Bethel and Holmbush.

People were kept awake until after 5am on Saturday morning and a string of complaints were made to police and Cornwall Council about the noise.

Another rave was expected to be held on Saturday night but police officers warned people not to attend and used the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act to seize equipment and vehicles associated with the event.

But sleep deprived residents - many who had young children or who had to work on Saturday - were left feeling frustrated over the lack of action which was taken by the police and Cornwall Council to shut down the party.

One resident said: “I think it is awful. Waking up an entire community including young children, workers who have to get up to do a day’s work while they break the law and get away with it and we suffer the consequences.

“Completely wrong and inconsiderate. It could be heard as far away as Bethel and Carlyon Bay. Completely disrespectful.”

Cornwall councillor for the area, Pauline Giles, contacted police commander Ian Drummond-Smith, the chief executive of Cornwall Council, Kate Kennally and police and crime commissioner Alison Hernandez to demand answers and raise concerns about the incident.

She said: “This was an example of no one taking responsibility or indeed action for something that could easily get out of hand.”

On Saturday St Blazey Police posted on Facebook: “St Austell and St Blazey Police are aware of the noise issues occurring in the St Blazey area over night. We would like to reassure residents that the event organisers have been spoken to and they have assured us that things will not be continuing tonight.

“Police will continue to monitor the event and deal with any further issues.”
But this was not good enough for many residents who had been forced to endure a sleepless night.

David Chapman said: “It should have been stopped last night but, as usual, nothing was done about it. Why do we pay so much for the police in our council tax when clearly the job isn’t being done in this area.”

Dilys Wolters said: “I don’t think I’m alone in saying the response from the police last night was appalling. Makes me wonder what would happen if something really dreadful happened.”

Michael Wickett said: “If nothing is done then news will soon get around that this area is an easy touch for raves.”

Mrs Giles spoke to chief superintendent of Devon and Cornwall Police, Jim Pearce, who told her he had signed legislation to seize equipment and a lockdown had been placed on the site.

She said the organisers had shown a total lack of consideration for everyone in a six mile radius, adding: “It will be down to Cornwall Council enforcement to decide whether the land owner is prosecuted.”

On Saturday evening St Blazey Police confirmed that officers had seized audio equipment to prevent further issues.

Police commander Ian Drummond-Smith said it was in very limited circumstances that police could take action to seize sound equipment which was only done in significant cases like this under Rave Legislation powers.

All local authorities have the power to deal with noise nuisance.

St Austell MP Steve Double is now raising questions over the local authority’s ability to tackle anti social behaviour as no one from the council could be contacted until Saturday afternoon.

Mr Double said: “I was very concerned to hear of the sustained anti-social behaviour caused by those attending a rave near St Blazey on Friday night.

“I contacted both the police and Cornwall Council and supported councillor Pauline Giles in ensuring action was taken to prevent a repeat of the noise on Saturday evening and was pleased to see the police acted to remove the sound equipment to prevent a repeat performance.

“This incident has, however, raised questions about the ability of Cornwall Council to respond in a timely manner.

“The very nature of these events is that they typically happen at night and at weekends.

“It is concerning that no one from Cornwall Council was available to address the concerns of residents until late on Saturday afternoon, by which time the police had already taken action.

“I have already raised this concern with senior officers at Cornwall Council and will be urging the administration to act now and put a clearly defined process in place for dealing with exceptional incidents such as this that take place out of hours, to avoid this happening again.”

The Voice contacted Cornwall Council for a comment.

By Natasha Swift 6th September 2017

mr mrs g j norris 6th September 2017 13:03
this is the second time this as happened it all most sent us insane
and the last one was to much as i was unwell and needed to sleep to cut out the pain.
I hope this never happens again for all our sakes
Sam 13th September 2017 11:40
Anyone else heard the story that it was two unconnected parties: One up Prideaux road and one down Par docks way (spit beach? ). That would explain it being loud over such a huge area. Otherwise all the party goers would be deaf before a rig up Prideaux road kept people in Carlyon bay awake!
Paul Roberts 13th September 2017 22:07
So Steve Double is concerned over the amount of time it took Cornwall Council to respond? He will do well to remember that Central Government funding to Cornwall Council has been decimated since 2010 under the Tory Government and the preceding coalition of chaos! Fund the council fairly and allow them to have the ability to carry out their statutory duties in one of the most deprived areas of your constituents by demanding that Cornwall is fairly funded and not treated as a second class county! We deserve better!!!
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