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News Archive > General > Orphan pig goes from Derek Trotter to Babe

Orphan pig goes from Derek Trotter to Babe

By Adele Moore 6th September 2017

Orphan pig goes from Derek Trotter to Babe
Bo Derek with her carers

It’s fairytale ending for an eight week old orphaned Tamworth piglet nicknamed Derek (Trotter!) by big hearted staff at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

The heritage breed animal looked certain to die with no surrogate mum on-hand to feed him, until maintenance manager Andy Wilson stepped in to save his bacon.

Sensing his only chance of survival was to hand-rear him, the no-nonsense northerner was soon a mum to baby Derek, feeding him via a baby’s bottle every two hours throughout the day.

Nicknamed Derek because of Only Fools and Horses star Derek Trotter, played by David Jason, the friendly piglet has quickly adapted to becoming part of the Heligan family and is rapidly developing his own fan base with visitors too.

Andy explained: “It has been a lot of hard work and I must confess a real labour of love. It’s no different to rearing a baby, but I must say that the hard work and dedication of myself, as well as others including Claire Pumfrey, our wildlife officer, has paid off and Derek’s flourishing.”

However, there’s a further twist in this curly tale as it transpires Del Boy is a actually a Babe!
Yep, it took Heligan Stockman Andy Fitch to determine that Derek is, in fact, a girl and this has already has earned her second nickname, Bo Derek.

With a pink harness and lead, Claire and Bo Derek make a surreal sight as they wonder through the gardens for her daily walk, while visitors stare on in total disbelief.

The young Tamworth would normally be part of Heligan’s Rare and Heritage breed programme, which rears them from birth to eventual slaughter.

However, since becoming one of the team she’s been given a reprieve and like her big screen counterpart Babe, there’s talk that she may be trained as a sheepdog/pig!

However, staff may well be telling porkies…

By Adele Moore 6th September 2017

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