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News Archive > General > 24-hour opening refused

24-hour opening refused

By Natasha Swift 27th September 2017

24-hour opening refused
The fast food restaurant

FAST food will not be available 24 hours a day in St Austell after residents’ concerns about rubbish, traffic and anti social behaviour stopped McDonald’s bid to open the restaurant around the clock.

The Voice revealed in May how the fast food chain on Pentewan Road was looking to sell burgers 24/7 after submitting a certificate of lawfulness for proposed unrestricted trading operations to Cornwall Council.

Currently the restaurant is open from 6am to 11pm Monday to Sunday.

McDonald’s applied to the local authority for a premises licence for the provision of late night refreshment for the sale of hot food and drink from 11pm until 5am Monday to Sundays.
At the time town councillors said they were not happy at the idea of McDonald’s being open 24 hours a day over concerns about anti social behaviour, litter and noise.

Residents and police also objected to the new opening times. Police said: “We are concerned that the granting of this licence for the restaurant to serve late night refreshment 24/7 will impact on crime and disorder in St Austell.

“There is no other similar premises open 24/7 and this, in our opinion, may encourage people to migrate to McDonald’s, these people are often in drink and this is when incidents of disorder occur.”

Steve Double made representations on behalf of a number of residents and said many were concerned about the way in which they had found out about the plans after coming across a site notice ripped up and thrown in a nearby hedge.

People living near McDonald’s said it was already a nightmare with boy racers, traffic jams, food smells, rubbish and noise late at night.

Bob and Nora Eddy said the overflowing bins attracted vermin and seagulls onto the site and it was made worse by customers throwing their rubbish on the floor of the car park.

They were also worried about the 24/7 opening attracting “even more trouble with late night revellers.”

Pentewan Parish Council also objected on the grounds of safeguarding children and young people.

Members said: “Making unhealthy food available 24/7 encourages young people to have a poor diet with long term health consequences.”

Responding to concerns, McDonald’s said it understood it had a duty to the local community and had a robust CCTV system.

McDonald’s said it was the first company in its sector to introduce litter patrols in the early 1980s and was committed to carrying out litter patrols collecting both McDonald’s packaging and any other litter that has been carelessly discarded.

The fast food chain even offered to extend patrols to a nearby area to help solve the problem of rubbish in and around Pentewan Road.

McDonald’s had agreed to close the restaurant at 2am and re-open at 5am every day with only the drive-thru remaining open.

But it wasn’t enough to convince members of Cornwall Council’s Licensing Act Sub Committee who refused the application.

In 2013 McDonald’s was also refused permission to stay open just one extra hour to midnight seven days a week.

By Natasha Swift 27th September 2017

Bernice Pearson 28th September 2017 13:25
Interestingly your article mentions Steve Double made representations on behalf of the residents against the 24 hour opening of McDonalds. However, you fail to mention the hours put in by the residents themselves and the representations we made in person at the Decision Meeting on Wednesday 22nd September.

I would like to see our input acknowledged as we believe we swayed the decision by our full and frank objections we made to the panel of decision makers.

I request that you add an amendment to the article in your next issue as it is important that people in our community understand the need for communities to pull together in the face of big businesses and the power they may try to wield.

I do not believe that without our strong voices together the decision would have gone our way as we had to answer and rebut arguments made by Mcdonalds´ barrister on the day.

I hope you will see the necessity of showing the whole truth of how the decision was made- it was not down to the voice of an MP, although that support is appreciated, please do not diminish the efforts of the residents by leaving them out of the story!

Kind Regards

Bernice Pearson

Resident of Pentewan Road

Alan Mayne 1st October 2017 18:10
Good God, please come into this century. No work in the area if everything is being refused.
I couldnt believe they quoted diets . Its down to the individual what they eat. Why dont St Austell close petrol stations at night that way it will stop people smoking cigarettes. Ridiculous
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