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News Archive > General > Fears raised parked cars could pose danger

Fears raised parked cars could pose danger

By Natasha Swift 4th October 2017

Fears raised parked cars could pose danger
CLLR Tim Styles at the site of the Fore Street bollard

POOR parking blocking access for emergency services to the town centre has been called out by one St Austell councillor who fears it could cost someone their life.

The problem of inconsiderate motorists parking in front of the bollard leading to Fore Street came to a head on Saturday when drivers were accused of using the entrance as a car park.

Vehicles were seen backed up onto Truro Road as they tried to park on the section of Fore Street on Saturday morning - blocking the entrance.

Although all vehicles had moved by 11am when an ambulance crew and paramedics tried to gain access to Fore Street after a person collapsed, they were then prevented from getting through after the barrier malfunctioned.

Residents contacted town councillor, Tim Styles, to raise their concerns about drivers using the area to park.

Mr Styles wrote to the parking enforcement manager at Cornwall Council to highlight the issue and the council said the area would be patrolled on a regular basis.

Mr Styles said: “Saturday morning saw the entrance to Fore Street turned into a car park. It was fortunate that the emergency services were not required at the time because they would never have made it through.

“However, that changed because at about 11am the emergency services were called upon because someone had collapsed in WHSmith.

“This time the entrance was not blocked, but the barrier was malfunctioning so they couldn't get through in any event. What a complete fiasco. This bollard needs to be monitored, which apparently it is, and it needs to be working.”

Mr Styles said delivery drivers also used the area as a temporary parking space for up to 10 minutes at a time.

He said: “I’ll keep monitoring the situation but I believe more needs to be done to stop this potentially dangerous obstruction occurring.

“I’ve had a number of complaints regarding the operation of the bollard at the entrance to Fore Street. This is something which concerns me as it’s imperative that the emergency services have access to Fore Street at all times.

“There was an occasion recently whereby an ambulance was unable to enter Fore Street as the crew did not have the code to lower it so they had to continue on foot.

“This is completely unacceptable and I have written to the council, who have responsibility for the barrier operation, to see what action can be taken to reduce the likelihood of it happening again.

“I have been assured that all emergency services are provided with the code so it is their responsibility to pass it on to drivers of their vehicles.

“What also concerns me is that the area in front of the bollard is now being used by delivery drivers as a temporary parking space when they make deliveries between 10am and 4pm when the barrier is raised.

“Even if an emergency crew had the code they would never have been able to get into Fore Street on this occasion. I am now writing to the relevant authorities with a view to taking enforcement action against drivers who block the road in this way.

“We have CCTV monitoring the bollard so it shouldn’t be too difficult to take further action.”

A Cornwall Council spokesman said: "The bollard can be operated remotely or using a code and we inform all emergency services of the code changes as and when they occur.

"Since the incident involving the ambulance in August, we have been in contact with all emergency services to ensure that they have the correct information and pass this on to those staff who need it.”

By Natasha Swift 4th October 2017

frederick edwards 7th October 2017 15:03
How comes this has only just been noticed? This has been going on, both ends of the high street, ever since the barriers were put in. I am in the high street at least twice a week and see, sometimes, both ends of the high street are blocked at the same time.
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