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News Archive > General > 250 new homes for St Blazey?

250 new homes for St Blazey?

By Natasha Swift 11th October 2017

250 new homes for St Blazey?
The plans

HUNDREDS of new homes could be built in St Blazey after residents were told up to 25 acres of land had been earmarked for development.

It is understood that developer Wainhomes has been offered the option of using land stretching from Rose Hill to Church Street to build new homes.

Land at Tredenham Farm was promoted for residential development by Wainhomes last year.
One resident told the Voice: “We were told Wainhomes has got the option to use a large area of land in St Blazey.

“We were told they’d been given the option of having 25 acres of land. If they put 10 homes on one acre then we are looking at 250 new homes.”

The plans were due to be discussed at a public consultation on the St Blaise Neighbourhood Plan yesterday.

Wainhomes told the Voice: “We have a number of land parcels in Cornwall, under option or owned, which we will be put forward for development in the respective Neighbourhood plans.
That does include land in St Blazey.”

By Natasha Swift 11th October 2017

Mrs Brown 11th October 2017 15:10
Am I to understand that you will be building a new doctors surgery, a primary school and Dentist surgery?
Obviously being the profesionals that you are in your fields it will be obvious that these would have to be in situ first before the houses are sold!!!!
I will again presume the above would be the case as it would be stupidity to build the house first then run out of funds for what are the essentials.
Will these be affordable homes? And if so affordable for whom, I.e youths who live here in cornwall or affordable for second homes for such as Londoners for example who are on higher wages???

There are so many of our children already who want to purchase their first homes but can’t because of out of county being allowed to buy.

I would love to discuss this further but getting cramp in my finger!!!!
Graham Kent 11th October 2017 16:49
Living on Rosehill, I am very interested in this subject
Frank Dickens 11th October 2017 19:37
This is not possible.
In the immediate Pl242lq area, we have packed Doctors surgeries, we are unable to get a dentist appointment.
No Hospital.
The Schools are so overcrowded it is now more time efficient to walk the children to School as there is no remaining parking spaces. The traffic is chaotic and very dangerous.
No remaining spaces on the School busses to Fowey and Penrice.
The house prices will plummet just as they are starting to climb.
This farm land soaks up an immense amount of the heavy downpours also.
If the area of this magnitude goes ahead it will lead to heavy flooding on Rose Hill down through to Station Road which is already below the water table.
There is not one positive reason for this development.
It is idiotic
Josie kent 12th October 2017 20:02
I would like to hear the drainage options for this proposal - as when applying for one build in the same area we were told the area is classed as "critical". Open to the development but I think they should also support small builds for individuals in the same area if they pass it for the big planners!
Christopher Jackson 19th October 2017 12:09
Oh Great more houses more like TIC TAC houses. How many years have we been trying to get a pelican crossing on Fore Street and we have been told "no". In addition i see that they want to build on Roselyon School.

Lovely old house up there i am an ex pupil it was quiet. I can remember in the early 80s slowly Old Roselyon housing estate closing in around it. We had our playing field that was taken away now developer´s want the whole thing. There are mine working up there wonder if they have factored that in. Nothing is sacred anymore.

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