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News Archive > General > Aliens blamed for eerie power cuts

Aliens blamed for eerie power cuts

By 30th November 2011

ALIENS are being blamed for an unexplained power cut which struck hundreds of homes in St Austell last week.
Eyewitnesses described seeing a blue light flash across the sky like a UFO before TVs, computers and radios lost power.
Spooked residents in Gover described the mysterious power cut, which hit homes twice last week at around 11pm on Sunday and 9pm on Tuesday, November 22, as “eerie”.  
One eyewitness, who lives in Tewington Place, said it seemed as though the blue light had sucked all of the power from electrical equipment.
They said: “It was eerie. There was a blue light at about 11pm on Monday and then everything went black. The TV, computer and game station just switched off. It was as if someone had switched the off button, but the lights stayed on inside.
“The street lights went out and it was just pitch black. When they came back on it was eerie. It was as if everything had been dimmed.
“It was like someone had flown over and sucked all the electric away. My neighbour got out a big torch and shone it outside, but it was giving out barely any light. It was as if all the power had been taken.
“There was a blue flash in the sky as if it had gone up a notch like someone had turned up the light. It wasn’t anything like lightning. There was no thunder or rain and no noise at all.
“Maybe it was aliens. It could have been a UFO.
“It was so dark afterwards, like an eclipse. In the morning when I got up at 6am the street lights still weren’t on. None of the lights in the house went out. It’s a mystery.”
There were also reports of a second power failure at around 9pm on Tuesday after residents in the town spotted a flash of blue light travelling from the direction of Newquay.
Spokesmen from both Western Power and Cornwall Council said they had no record of the events.

By 30th November 2011

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