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News Archive > General > ´Despite the virus there is a job to do

´Despite the virus there is a job to do

By Matt Dixon 21st October 2020

´Despite the virus there is a job to do
The Poppy Appeal’s Annie Binding says despite covid, there is “still a job to do”


The start of the annual Poppy Appeal in Cornwall has always been marked with a showy launch.

In past years it has included vintage car rallies, steam train rides, sing-alongs on a two-masted schooner or First World War silent soldiers on horseback – but not this year.

This year’s Poppy Appeal will officially start on October 24 but whilst it may look a bit different to previous years, its volunteers will rise to the challenge that this year has brought.

Annie Binding, Cornwall fundraiser for the charity said: “Despite the challenges we face we still have a job to do as the impact of covid-19 has left some in the Armed Forces community, as in many others, in dire need of urgent help and support.

“Sadly, due to necessary shielding of many of our supporters, our network of volunteers has been greatly reduced as has the places and ways that we can collect.”

Annie added: “However, we have galvanised our own poppy troops to create the best appeal possible despite the many obstacles that this dreadful virus has thrown our way.”

Like so many things this year, the appeal has had to adapt to the threat of covid-19 and the charity is asking the public to support them like they never have before.

This year the slogan is “Every Poppy Counts”. And the Royal British Legion is asking everyone to back their 2020 Poppy Appeal in a new way.

Annie explained: “In addition to our usual poppy presence across Cornwall, many collectors in higher footfall areas will have contactless card payment devices by which a donation can be made safely and directly.

“The machines are in addition to our usual iconic red cash collection tins and buckets.'Add to these our Every Poppy Counts QR code posters around the county (through which people can donate to us by simply using their mobile phone), and we hope that the general public will once again rally around us to ensure a great 2020 campaign.”

For those who may like to do something completely different to support this year’s appeal, the charity are encouraging the general public to check out their website to find remote activities in which they can take part.

This could be simply ordering poppies through the post for their friends, neighbours and local community or printing a poppy from the RBL website and displaying it in their window. They could even undertake a virtual poppy run or sign up for one of the amazing events and award-winning overseas challenges run by RBL.

To find out more information, learn how to be involved or to make a donation to the Poppy Appeal 2020, you can visit the Legion website –

By Matt Dixon 21st October 2020

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