Clint’s a cut above to offer free haircuts to homeless

Clint’s a cut above to offer free haircuts to homeless

Clint Osbourne (right), owner of Clints Barbers in South Street, St Austell, is offering haircuts to people living on the streets for free. The photo was taken pre-covid

7th April 2021

By Natasha Swift

If lockdown has taught people anything, it is the importance of a haircut. However, for those who are homeless it is a luxury that may have been out of reach pre-covid.

But not for much longer thanks to one St Austell barber who is helping to change that and offering haircuts to people living on the streets for free.

Clint Osbourne owns Clints Barbers in South Street and is no stranger to life on the streets having been homeless twice himself.

He told the Voice he wanted to give something back to the community after seeing volunteers from Daisy Dukes in action helping the most vulnerable people in the town.

Daisy Dukes is a community interest company which gives out free clothes, food, tents and sleeping bags every day with the aim of helping the community out of poverty and making St Austell, and surrounding areas, a better place to live.

“I have been homeless twice in my life,” Clint told the Voice. “I am 52 and I was homeless once in the 80s and a few years ago. I noticed what Daisy Dukes were doing and just how selfless they are giving out food to the homeless and belongings. They are just selfless in getting people off the street and looking after them.

“I would walk by on my way to the bank or to get a pasty and I could see people queueing up and getting looked after by Daisy Dukes.

“This last year has shown everyone what you can do to give back and do for the people around us that need it. I’m a barber, I have been a barber for 30 years and can offer haircuts.

“I had a chat with Daisy Dukes and anyone they think is in need they will send to me. I’m going to really look after them. Just because you don’t have £10 in your pocket you’re still as important as the next man. I’m going to give them a VIP service and really look after them. When we can offer cut throat shaving again I will also do that for them. It’s my way of giving.”

Clints Barbers will open at 7am on April 12 and Daisy Dukes will be sending someone in need Clint’s way.

“I always think you cannot get to the finish line on your own, you have got to try and get everyone there,” explains Clint. “This is my way of helping the community in St Austell.”
In Mevagissey, where Clint lives, he is a group facilitator for Man Down, a not-for-profit organisation that provides support for men’s mental health.

Man Down runs safe talking and listening spaces to help meet the current emotional and mental health needs of men who struggle to cope with the pressures facing them in modern society.

Clint said: “I couldn’t stop there. I just want to help the people around me that perhaps cannot afford to come into the shop. We are a a community barbers. We have young children come in and older gentlemen and families. We have a great following from 18 to 35-year-olds, regular guys who come in every week.

“I cannot wait to get back to cutting hair, I have not cut hair this year. We are going to include people that might not be as fortunate as ourselves.”

Hairdressers along with beauty salons, which fall under personal care services, are expected to reopen on April 12 as part of the Government’s roadmap.

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