Future of play equipment in St Blazey now safeguarded

Future of play equipment in St Blazey now safeguarded

New play equipment is to be provided in a number of St Blazey parks, which were under threat of being lost forever last year

3rd March 2021

By Natasha Swift

New play equipment is to be provided in a number of St Blazey parks, which were under threat of being lost forever last year, after being handed over to the local town council.

Polgover Way Public Open Space, Deeble Drive Play Area and Penawyn Road Public Open Space will now be maintained and managed by St Blaise Town Council.

The transfer of these much-loved facilities will safeguard the play provision for the town and ensure that decisions regarding the future of these assets are led by the local community.

Last year the Voice revealed how there was uproar in St Blazey after Cornwall Council announced it would be removing the play equipment from the parks after it was condemned.

Health and safety reasons were given for the proposed removal by the local authority, but the news did not go down well with the community, who campaigned for the equipment to be replaced in both parks.

They set up the campaign group Save Old Roselyon Park and Cornwall councillor for St Blazey, Pauline Giles, has been fighting alongside residents to stop the council from scrapping the children’s play equipment and potential loss of the parks. Cornwall Council finally agreed to work with St Blaise town council to find a long term solution for the parks.

Councillor Giles said: “I am delighted that the residents of St Blazey will have these spaces for many more generations to enjoy. Myself, along with the local residents and town council have worked hard to ensure this provision is protected.

“I was particularly pleased to secure a financial contribution from Cornwall Council to ensure new equipment could be installed and I look forward to seeing it in place and being used as soon as possible.”

Mayor of St Blaise, June Anderson, added: “St Blaise Town Council took the decision to take over these spaces to safeguard play areas for the children of the town. We will now install new equipment and manage them along with all our other assets.

This will be a great benefit for the town.” Cornwall Council said that rather than close parks and public spaces, it has worked with town and parish councils and community groups throughout Cornwall to transfer ownership of various assets where there is a desire in an area to do so.

Councillor Edwina Hannaford, Portfolio Holder for Climate Change and Neighbourhoods, said: “There has never been a more important time for people to have access to local outdoor spaces for play and exercise to help our communities to stay fit and help ensure mental well-being.

“This project is a fantastic step forward and is another example of how partners are working together to give local people more say and influence in the running of services that are important to the local community.

“The town council is to be congratulated for opting to take on the running of these sites for the benefit of their local residents"

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