Foxes backed null and void end, says secretary

Foxes backed null and void end, says secretary

Foxhole voted in favour of a null and void season

By Gareth Davies

3rd March 2021

Secretary Dave Bunt has revealed that Foxhole Stars voted to null and void the East Cornwall Premier League (ECPL) campaign for 2020-21.

In a survey sent out to clubs last week, the ECPL canvassed opinion on how the season should be concluded and late on Monday evening, it was announced that the league was null and void.

Goverseth stalwart Bunt feels that a cup competition for ECPL clubs won’t ‘be viable’ because runaway league leaders Mount Gould would almost certainly prevail – thus rendering participation almost pointless for the rest.

With that in mind, Bunt did back an idea first mooted by St Stephen player-boss Craig Coad of a mini-league involving clubs from Clay Country.

“Obviously the season isn’t going to finish and last week, every East Cornwall League club had a vote on what they wanted to do,” said Bunt.

“Foxhole voted to null and void the season and Craig Coad at St Stephen has come up with the idea of playing some sort of friendly tournament in April and May. We would be in favour of that and if we could get a little Clay League going with Roche, St Dennis’ second team or Indian Queens, maybe.

“A East Cornwall Cup competition was talked about previously, but I don’t know if that would be viable Everyone knows who would win the cup competition if we had one but the league couldn’t make teams play anyway - just like we may see with the Peninsula League.

Foxhole had indicated earlier this year that they would only play matches once their clubhouse was able to function as normal. Whilst Bunt admitted this was the aim for the Stars, he did say that the cost of staging games, if the Goverseth clubhouse wasn’t open, would dictate if the club play or not.

“It all depends on expenses,” he added. “If it was a fine day, we could sell beer outside from April 12. Ideally, we would like all facilities to open and working properly.”