Reski on his way?

Reski on his way?

Chris Reski looks set to rejoin St Blazey

By Gareth Davies

10th March 2021

Boss Phil Lafferty has confirmed that St Blazey have made an official approach for Bodmin Town’s Chris Reski.

The midfielder played for and captained Blazey a decade ago when Lafferty was assistant boss to Glynn Hooper. Reski was also a star performer for Lafferty when he was St Austell boss between 2013 and 2016.

Reski left the Lillywhites during the summer of 2020 and was joined by his former Town team mates Martin Watts and Tom Chambers at Bodmin, but after just a handful of games for the Priory Park outfit, he’s now mulling over a return to Blazey.

“I have approached Darren (Gilbert) at Bodmin for Chris Reski. Seven days went in two weeks ago and I spoke to Darren two weeks ago,” Lafferty told the Voice.

“I have already spoken to another manager in the Peninsula League about a player they have before submitting the seven days and that is how it should work if managers are familiar with one another. I would like to think they could call me if they wanted one of mine and it works the other way round too. I would say the ball is definitely rolling in terms of recruitment for St Blazey.”

Priory Park boss Darren Gilbert, speaking to our sister paper the Bodmin Voice, revealed that he had ‘no issues’ with Blazey’s approach, whilst saying the ball was very much in Reski’s court to decide his future.

“St Blazey are looking for a new team and they have got to start somewhere,” Gilbert (pictured) said. “Laffs has been out of it for a few years so he is going to go for players he knows. He’s going to want Chris Reski, Jordan Dingle, Tom Chambers, Martin Giles, Liam Eddy, Olly Brokenshire and Will Tinsley.

“I have spoken to Laffs. He had the decency to ring me and tell me he is going to put seven days in. I said I have got no issues with him and now it is down to Reski.

“I couldn’t tell you whether Reski is staying or going. I had a good chat with him. He said he is happy at Bodmin, that he gets on really well with Laffs but that he is really not thinking about football at the moment. I’m hoping he will be honest with me because I’ve looked after him and that he wouldn’t just go

“I quite like the old school managers who pick up the phone and speak to you. Me and Laffs go back a long way and I would have been disappointed if he had put in seven days and not spoken to me.

“I’ve got a lot more respect him for picking up the phone and speaking to me because that is what I would do. We have got total respect for each other. He told me he was interested in Reski, that he was his captain, and he would love to have him back.

“I said that was fine, you do what you have got to do but I’ll do my best to try and keep him. If he decides to go, he decides to go, and we have left it like that.”