Saints to begin training and ask local MP for ground help

Saints to begin training and ask local MP for ground help

St Austell Hockey Club are returning to Poltair School to train next month

By Gareth Davies

31st March 2021

St Austell Hockey Club will start training at Poltair School next month although club chairman Dave Grey has admitted that Saints are unlikely to play further competitive fixtures at their home base.

Last month, the Voice told of how St Austell were fearful for their future as at that stage, they had nowhere to train or play.

Thankfully, Poltair School have allowed the club to resume training sessions and they will begin again on April 12.

The club, who would normally be approaching their off season, have also revealed that they will train until the end of June, with new players and members welcome to attend.

“Poltair School have come back to us and they have been a little bit more formal in their approach to us compared to what we have seen previously,” Grey told the Voice.

“They are opening up from Monday and obviously everyone needs to put their bookings in. So that is very positive and although this is normally our closed season, when we wouldn’t have any training going on at all, we have decided to approach the members to look to train from April 12 until the end of June.

“That will see us play amongst ourselves for two or three months and anyone who is new to us and the sport is welcome to come along as well.

“Unfortunately, they are still refusing any weekend training or matches and before they responded to us as a club, I attempted to contact Richard Pears who is the councillor for Mount Charles which covers Poltair.

“I have had absolutely no response from him yet. I have also contacted Steve Double and his office have said that they would look to arrange a phone conversation with Steve. This will hopefully see if they can put any pressure on Poltair on behalf of us, or to help us with an alternative going forward. Our best scenario is that Poltair do in fact open on a Saturday and we’re prepared to pay a little bit more, then we will just crack on.

Although Grey’s ‘best scenario’ would appear to be unlikely at this stage, the club are actively exploring alternative options which has included a move to Camelford.

“I don’t think that Poltair will change their minds because the last season started after lockdown had ended and that was the reason we were having to go to Truro,” he added.
“There could be another option for us next season at Camelford School which may be suitable as nobody uses it. The distances between travelling to Camelford and Truro aren’t too dissimilar, but we don’t really want to do that because we really want to stay in St Austell.

“We are not sure how much Poltair use the astro pitches so perhaps they could look to sell it to us and we take it on by applying for grant.

“Cornwall Council or the local St Austell Council may be prepared to look at it also. That is why we want to speak with the relevant authorities.”